Narratives that Shape Family Origin Stories and their Connection to Ownership

Family philanthropy is rooted in family origin stories. While these narratives are multi-faceted, the field needs to further acknowledge and address how whiteness is embedded in stories about wealth creation and ownership. In this dialogue, Sarah Cavanaugh of the Russell Family Foundation will share how her efforts to tackle her own whiteness are beginning to shape the family conversation at the board table.

NCFP is hosting four racial justice salons as supplemental learning to our new Racial Justice Learning and Action Network. These small group discussions will feature case studies and bring to life concepts being covered in the Learning and Action Network. The salons will begin by interviewing a leading practitioner in racial justice who will set the context for the small group breakouts that will follow. These conversations will highlight practices that deepen learning and support our ability to engage in conversations related to wealth. 

Please come to the conversation with your video camera on and ready to engage with your peers. Spaces for these sessions are limited to 40 registrants. Roughly 20 slots are being held for Racial Justice Learning and Action participants.

Featured Speakers

Sarah Cavanaugh

Sarah Cavanaugh is a trustee of the Jini Dellaccio Collection, preserving and promoting the work of…

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June Wilson headshot

June Wilson

June Wilson, celebrated philanthropic leader in racial justice advocacy and alternative approaches to legacy and perpetuity,…

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