Pluralism in Family Philanthropy: Navigating Tensions and Bridging Divides for Impact

In an increasingly divisive society, people are facing complex, challenging dialogues around politics, ethics, and social issues, struggling to manage perspectives across the political aisle and facilitate healthy discourse with multiple viewpoints. What is taking place on a macro scale is mirrored within individual families—difficult conversations, distinct political and cultural divides, and in many cases gridlock or an inability to make decisions productively. For families who give together, their relationships and family culture are at stake, as is their potential for effective family philanthropy and social impact. In this webinar, learn more about the concept of pluralism—people of varied backgrounds and beliefs building community, finding belonging, and drawing on their differences to solve shared problems—and explore the challenges and broader considerations of pluralism within a family philanthropy context.

The panelists will speak to their experience working with others who hold different perspectives, the opportunity for pluralism to advance a stronger social sector, and what it means to contribute to a healthy and productive philanthropic ecosystem. The panelists are learning how to support pluralism while practicing it, as donors part of New Pluralists Collaborative.

About the Series

Community Conversations are topical webinars on issues and trends in family philanthropy and are available to the field at large. These events lift up experts in the field, challenge philanthropists in their thinking and practices, and share timely stories and strategies in the family philanthropy community.

Featured Speakers

Tegan Acton

Tegan and Brian Acton are the founders and co-chairs of Wildcard Giving, a family of philanthropic…

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Heather Templeton Dill

Heather Templeton Dill

Heather Templeton Dill is president of the John Templeton Foundation. Prior to assuming this role in…

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Brian Hooks

Brian Hooks is chairman and CEO of Stand Together and president of the Charles Koch Foundation. Previously,…

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Nick Tedesco headshot

Nicholas A. Tedesco

Nicholas (Nick) Tedesco is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Center for Family…

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Uma Viswanathan

Uma Viswanathan is Executive Director of New Pluralists Collaborative, a funder and field collaborative that is strengthening the…

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