Power and Racial Equity: From Self-Assessment to Systemic Change

NCRP’s Eleni Refu will lead a conversation around how family foundations can operationalize equity and work towards systemic change by interrogating the ways they build, share, and wield their power. Shifting power to those who have the least of it is necessary for philanthropic impact on equity and justice. Participants at this salon will learn how they can implement the Power Moves assessment guide in their organizations to help develop strategies and practices that better center racial equity and justice.

NCFP is hosting three racial justice salons as supplemental learning to our Racial Justice Learning and Action Cohort. These conversations will highlight practices that deepen learning and support our ability to engage in conversations related to wealth.

Please come to the conversation with your video camera on and ready to engage with your peers. Slots are being held for members of NCFP’s Racial Justice Learning and Action Cohort.

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Eleni Refu

Eleni Refu is the senior engagement associate responsible for leading the engagement strategies of NCRP’s Power…

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