Values-based Leadership for the Future of Health: A Conversation with Barbara Bush and Global Health Corps

Join us in welcoming to our virtual stage Global Health Corps (GHC) Co-Founder and Board Chair Barbara Bush and CEO Heather Anderson. Barbara will share a brief history of her inspiration and initial vision for the organization, and then engage in a conversation with other panelists that illuminates GHC’s journey from launching as a small startup in 2009 to building a community of 1000+ leaders who are relentlessly pursuing health equity against a backdrop of a global pandemic, racial justice uprisings, and escalating climate change. We’ll also hear firsthand perspective from GHC alumni Sandra Isano and Joanna Galaris on how they’re responding to COVID-19 in Rwanda.

Featured Speakers

Heather Anderson

Heather Anderson is an advocate, visionary, and movement builder. She brings a deep understanding of systems…

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Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush is Co-Founder and Board Chair of Global Health Corps (GHC). Since 2009, Global Health Corps…

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Joanna Galaris

As a development practitioner, Joanna Galaris advises senior leadership and leads projects involving strategic planning, organizational…

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Sandra Isano

Sandra Isano is a Rwandan researcher, Lecturer, and Coordinator for Community Based Education in the Department…

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