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Giving families can wear many hats. At times, families may feel like they are losing the family identity in their giving. How does one keep the family in family philanthropy? What are steps families can take to make sure they are serving the public good while maintaining the family value & legacy? Join NCFP’s president, Ginny Esposito, as she interviews family members from multiple generations to gain insights on how your family can consider keeping the family in family giving.

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  1. Opportunity of a Lifetime 2.0: Multigenerational Family Philanthropy
    According to NCFP’s Trends in Family Philanthropy Study, nearly 3 in 5 U.S. family foundations engage younger family members in the foundation — and more than 40% expect to add younger-generation family members on their board. This issue brief helps families understand how to best involve multiple generations in their work.
  2. Generations of Giving: Leadership and Continuity in Family Philanthropy
    A new generation of sophisticated, financially skilled, and fortunate wealth-generators have created a tidal wave of new opportunities for philanthropy
  3. 10 Things My Family Did to Engage Us in Philanthropy with Ellie Frey Zagel
    As a third generation board member, philanthropy plays a big role in Ellie’s life. Today, nearly all of Ellie’s siblings and cousins remain involved in the family foundation. It’s not always easy, but it’s an honor to carry on her grandparent’s legacy.
  4. Power to Produce Wonders
    What is most remarkable is the very phenomenon of American family philanthropy itself. An astonishing number of families make record-setting, private contributions and volunteer countless hours on behalf of the causes and communities they care deeply about.

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Virginia M. Esposito

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