Celebrating families willing to take risks: An Interview with Simone Friedman of Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies

NCFP celebrated its 20th anniversary by sharing videos of unique stories from those in our network. In this video, Simone Friedman of the Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies describes the initiative she helped launch to understand ethical food sourcing and address larger food systems change.

When Simone became the president of her family’s foundation she knew it would be important to take risks. Inspired by a simple tool of her grandfather’s trade, she started a major initiative through Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies to understand ethical food sourcing and address larger food systems change. The experience renewed her spirit and belief in the promise and possibility of her family’s philanthropy to drive change.

“There are a lot of benefits to family members being engaged because as family members we can take risks that other people can’t take.”
– Simone Friedman, President, Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies

Check out their unique story below.


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