General Policy on Self-Dealing (Anonymous Family Foundation)

The Foundation will not knowingly engage in any “self dealing” activity. Self-dealing is any “prohibited financial transaction” between The Foundation and a “disqualified person.”

1. Prohibited Financial Transactions

a. The sale, exchange or leasing or property (such as purchasing stationery, supplies, printing, graphic design or insurance from a disqualified person).
b. The lending of money or the extension of credit.
c. The furnishing of goods, services or facilities.
d. The transfer to, or use by or for the benefit of, a disqualified person of the income or assets of The Foundation.
e. The payment of money or property to a government official.
f. Satisfying the enforceable pledge of a disqualified person.

2. Disqualified Person
a. Officers
b. Directors
c. Members
d. Employees with authority to act on behalf of The Foundation.
e. Substantial contributors
f. Family members of a “disqualified person” including spouses, ancestors, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and spouses of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.