Values Proposition: How and Why We Transformed Our Investment Model to Align Our Capital With Our Mission

Mission-aligned investing presents a compelling opportunity for
philanthropic organizations to reimagine how they use their financial
resources to affect change. All of the institution’s capital is harmonized
in service of its mission — a total-enterprise approach to impact. Yet,
such an approach is relatively novel and still often met with skepticism
or confusion.

This report by the Nathan Cummings Foundation addresses this skepticism by demonstrating the potential for mission-aligned investing to enhance mission impact while continuing to meet financial goals. We are also candid about where we see gaps and shortcomings in the marketplace. Although our research focused on mission-aligned investing practices among outsourced chief investment officers (OCIOs), we believe these findings will be of interest to any institutional investor — including those who work with nondiscretionary investment advisors and/or in-house investment teams.