What’s the most effective technology to use when communicating with next gen family members?

It’s easy to get stressed out about the ever expanding field of technology. However, with more options comes the opportunity to figure out which communication strategies work best for your family!

Katherine Scott, of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, shares that she uses a variety of technologies including GoToMeeting, which offers a video chat service; traditional email, which can be copied to parents of the next gen participants; and text messages, which are particularly useful for quick and time-sensitive reminders. She also notes, “When we’re trying to share news and content, we use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, because we’ve found them to be the most used by the young people in our network.”

A few other resources that family foundations might like to know about are: Telegram (a secure messaging and file-sharing app); Google Apps (including collaborative document sharing, group calendars, voice and video calling, and more!); and GroupMe (an app for group messaging).