Anna Bebermeyer discovered her passion for volunteering as a middle schooler while volunteering with her mom at a free medical clinic and has been pursuing philanthropy ever since. She is a member of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative’s Cohort VI and is serving in her second term as President of the Emergency Infant Services Junior Board. In 2014 she received her Girl Scout Gold Award and is the first teen to hold a position on the Emergency Infant Services Board of Directors. She is a senior in high school from Tulsa, Oklahoma who when she’s not volunteering loves to bake, paint, and patronize local coffee shops. Upon graduation she plans to pursue a degree in business with hopes of changing the world through social entrepreneurship.


For Youth by Youth: Meeting with Your Peers- Tips for Collaboration

Posted on April 27, 2015 by Anna Bebermeyer, Sarina Dayal, Veeral Suthar

Sometimes it can be challenging to work with other groups, for example, with other committees or with adults. Learn skills to help facilitate meetings for effectiveness and make decisions as a team. After this session, you'll be better at facilitating meetings, using collaborative decision-making tools, and leading others. Collaboration can be fun and rewarding! … Read More