Chris Rurik is a Board Member of The Russell Family Foundation and chair of the grants committee. He is a freelance writer, naturalist, and historian. He serves on the board of Denver Field Ornithologists and is a cofounder of the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s online journal Garo. He has interests in mythology and deep ecology and often goes cycling and birding. Chris has been involved with TRFF in a variety of ways including an internship with the environmental team, documentation of the One Nation Foundation and Puyallup Watershed Initiative, and representation of TRFF at various conferences. He has spoken and written about next gen involvement in philanthropy.


Balancing Family Privacy and Public Trust: Transparency in Family Philanthropy

Posted on May 11, 2017 by Chris Rurik, Richard Russell, Richard Woo

While transparency is an important value in principle, what do you do when your foundation’s privacy is also your family’s privacy? How do we balance the need for public accountability with a family’s right to privacy? What do the tough but important questions regarding transparency and accountability mean for family philanthropy and how can foundations think strategically about these questions?… Read More