Christine Sorensen, USDA Rural Development

Christine Sorensen

USDA Rural Development, Lead Management and Policy Analyst, Rural Partners Network

Christine Sorensen is the Lead Management and Policy Analyst, for the USDA Rural Development Rural Partners Network.  Christine has been a member of the team designing and implementing the federal interagency collaborative network, Rural Partners Network, from its inception.

As part of her work, she has been assisting with the design of the program, community selection process (both Tribal and within the states), community engagement, communications, and strategy development.

Christine’s previous work has included roles as a small rural economic development director, regional CDFI chief loan officer, state and regional rural development coordinator, and national program coordinator for USDA RD initiatives such as Stronger Economies Together and the Rural Economic Development Innovation.  She has a passion for rural policy and community driven assistance and capacity building support for underserved rural communities and regions.


Rural Funders Peer Network: Rural Capacity Building–The Rural Partners Network

Posted on November 28, 2022 by Christine Sorensen, Lee A. Jones, Erin Borla, Wynn Rosser

The Rural Partners Network (RPN) is a government program where a number of federal agencies collaborate together with rural communities to find resources and funding to create jobs, build infrastructure, and support long-term economic stability. RPN has created community networks in several states to help federal agencies develop improved service delivery models, program processes, and funding priorities for the benefit… Read More