Headshot of Laura Jansen

Laura Jansen

Executive Director, Cuore e Mani Foundation

Laura Jansen is currently the Executive Director, Cuore e Mani Foundation based in Chicago. She previously served as the Director of Programs and Operations for Pierce Family Foundation. Laura began her career as box office manager and children’s theatre producer at Moraine Valley Community College and continued working in the arts at Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and Urban Gateways. For 20 years, Laura was a consultant for nonprofits and small foundations that work in the arts, education, youth development, homelessness/housing, and more. Laura holds a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from Ball State University and a master’s degree from University of Alabama. She lives in Chicago with her husband, stepson, two dogs, and a hermit crab.


Strategic Lifespan Peer Network: What Spending Down Well Can Accomplish—Lessons Learned from the Pierce Family Foundation

Posted on February 2, 2024 by Denis Pierce, Laura Jansen, Anne Marie Toccket, Priscilla Enriquez

The Pierce Family Foundation sunsetted at the end of 2023. Why did they decide to spend down? How did they ensure they provided the most impactful support to nonprofits? Join us for a conversation with Laura Jansen, former Director of Programs and Operations at the Pierce Family Foundation, and Denis Pierce, President and Founder of the Foundation, who will share… Read More

Demystifying Trust-based Practices: Trust in Action

Posted on December 7, 2022 by Kavi Waddell, Mark Rodriguez, Laura Jansen

Trust based philanthropy
The philanthropic sector continues to evolve, and many giving families are embracing a trust-based approach to their philanthropy—not only as a mindset, but as a guiding principle across their grantmaking, relationships, and operations. While many families are interested in and willing to adopt trust-based practices, it isn’t always clear how and when to utilize specific trust-based approaches and what they… Read More