Priscilla Enriquez

Chief Executive Officer, The James B. McClatchy Foundation

Priscilla Enriquez is the Chief Executive Officer of The James B. McClatchy Foundation. She provides leadership in strategic philanthropic investments while supporting the bedrock tenets of democracy and advancing equity in education to lift community voice and improve access to learning. Priscilla ensures that all people, especially children, have pathways to living a fulfilling life in California’s Central Valley. As a dedicated servant, she works to enhance and uphold The James B. McClatchy Foundation’s promise to support English Language Learners and First Amendment rights—especially the freedoms of speech, expression, and the press.

With over 20 years of experience in grantmaking and philanthropy, Priscilla has facilitated community investments in human services, civic engagement, the arts, consumer protection, the digital divide, health care, and youth. Prior to joining The James B. McClatchy Foundation, Priscilla served in various leadership positions with Sacramento Region Community Foundation, where she was responsible for grantmaking, community engagement, and program initiatives.

Priscilla is a thoughtful leader in the philanthropic space and has served on many nonprofit boards, previously providing board leadership in the Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera turnaround which reinvigorated its operations. She recently joined the Fairytale Town board as it expands its park to include a Story Center which will foster early literacy in young children. She also serves on the Advisory Council of the Unity Center at The California Museum, and the United Way’s Steering Committee for the Square One Project to increase the number of kids graduating from high school to be ready for college success and beyond. Priscilla holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Public Health and an M.A. in Public Health– both from UC Berkeley. She is a Senior Fellow in the American Leadership Forum and was a recipient of the Pew Charitable Trust Educational Stipend.


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