Lynda Mansson

Director General, MAVA Foundation

Lynda Mansson joined MAVA as Director General in August 2010. She is responsible for implementing the strategy of the foundation and leading the secretariat team. Since joining the foundation, Lynda has overseen a complete reshaping of MAVA including changes at the levels of the board, staff, strategy, processes, project selection, and communications. Lynda is deeply interested in sustainability issues and led the foundation to incorporate a new programme to work on the intersection of economic growth and natural resource depletion. She also ensures the impact of the foundation’s investments, and is committed to increasing its level of transparency and accountability. Before joining the foundation, Lynda spent 13 years with WWF International in Switzerland. She brought with her the experience of managing and directing global strategies for all aspects of office operations in the WWF Network and developing performance tools for its offices. Prior to that, she spent five years in charge of WWF leadership and organisational development. Lynda began her career as a San Francisco stockbroker and then earned an MBA from the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Her two private-life passions are literature and travel. She is American and Swiss and has two grown sons. Lynda serves on the Board of the Global Footprint Network. She also acts as President of the Board of Partners for a New Economy and the Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust (PONT).


Strategic Lifespan Peer Network: Participatory Grantmaking

Posted on March 23, 2021 by Ibrahima Thiam, Lynda Mansson

How can we shift power and engage others in our decision-making process? How can we listen more effectively and support collaboration in our grantmaking? Join this important conversation with MAVA Foundation Director General Lynda Mansson and Ibrahima Thiam, executive director of Wetlands International Africa and a MAVA partner. They will be discuss how MAVA, a spend down foundation, has embraced… Read More

The Experiences of a Foundation With a Limited Life: Benefits and Challenges (MAVA Foundation)

Posted on October 9, 2020 by Lynda Mansson

Drawing on reflections from the director general of the MAVA Foundation and learnings from foundations that have recently closed, this article also discusses how to prepare for the end date of a limited-life foundation. MAVA, a Swiss-based grantmaking foundation for 25 years, has a planned end date of 2022. The article features key lessons for foundations considering closure, and will… Read More

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