Lynn Schusterman

Founder & Chair Emerita, Charles and Lyn Schusterman Family Philanthropies

Lynn Schusterman is Founder and Chair Emerita of Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies, which works in the United States and Israel to achieve more just and inclusive societies. She has been active in communal and philanthropic affairs for over 40 years. She is recognized as a driving force behind the values she holds close to her heart, as a supporter of the Jewish people and Israel, as an advocate for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect, as a champion of educational opportunities for all young people, and as a leading funder of inclusion and equality. Lynn holds a variety of leadership positions in local, national and international organizations. Her work is grounded in a firm belief that we must all do our part to help repair our communities and our world.


The Schustermans: A Jewish Family’s Expressions of Faith and Philanthropy

Posted on October 21, 2002 by Lynn Schusterman

This personal account from ‘Faith and Family Philanthropy’ describes the fascinating journey that the author and her husband took in discovering their own faith while rediscovering their family roots and Hebric religious traditions. ‘Jewish law dictates that if there is a choice between assisting members of your family and helping citizens of your town, your family takes precedence. The priority… Read More