Ray Barrie-Kivel

Policy and Advocacy Manager, Rose Community Foundation

Ray Barrie-Kivel joined Rose Community Foundation in September 2019. In his role as policy and advocacy manager, Barrie-Kivel advances the Foundation’s advocacy objectives and related grantmaking portfolio aimed at improving the regional policy landscape on behalf of the Foundation’s mission, vision and strategic priorities.

Barrie-Kivel has prior experience working on state and local political campaigns in Colorado. He is from the Bay Area and graduated from Colorado College. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, listening to podcasts and winning fantasy football championships.


Community Foundations Topical Call: Helping Donor Families Support Efforts to Strengthen Democracy and Increase Civic Engagement

Posted on February 26, 2024 by Ray Barrie-Kivel, Judy Altenberg, Kelly D. Nowlin

The United States is navigating a critical moment in our history as core principles and structures of democracy are under attack. The hyperpolarization of public discourse leaves smaller ground for effective policy formation on any issue. At the same time, however, there are movements across the country that are working to bridge divides, shore up and strengthen justice and equity… Read More