Tracey A. Rutnik is Deputy Director for Research and Policy in the Aspen Institute’s Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation. In this capacity, she works with the PSI program director on the overall management of the program, and on tracking policy developments, undertaking research and planning meetings and workshops that engage philanthropists, policy-makers and civil society leaders on current issues affecting the social sector. Ms. Rutnik has more than 13 years of experience that combines issue analysis, strategy development and grant-making.


When And How To Use External Evaluators

Posted on November 20, 2002 by Marty Campbell, Tracey A. Rutnik

In the cycle of program planning by nonprofit organizations, evaluation is usually the last item on the agenda. There are many reasons for this. We all know that evaluation has negative connotations. It conjures up memories of the day we received our SAT results. It is associated with grades and scores… Read More