The Rockefeller Foundation’s Program-Related Investments Portfolio

Posted on July 8, 2013 by Arabella Advisors

From the Executive Summary: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Program-Related Investments (PRIs) have generated modest financial returns for the Foundation, contributed to investees’ financial sus- tainability and generated positive social returns on a variety of fronts. Individual invest- ments have helped organizations promote asset ownership, extend access to products and services on more equitable terms and in new ways to previously excluded… Read More

Philanthropic Values of The Rockefeller Cousins and Fifth Generations

Posted on October 31, 2003 by Rockefeller Family

This statement outlines the philanthropic values of the Rockefeller family’s cousins and fifth generations: Think long term Keep every topic within the larger context Serve effectively within communities Manage resources effectively Participate enthusiastically Nurture family through generations Maintain unity Respect diversity Be willing to take risks Maintain importance of leadership, responsibility, and stewardship Be leaders of social change  … Read More