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Please read first Introduction Splendid Legacy 2: Creating and Re-Creating Your Family Foundation is your guide to marshaling the forces of family and charitable intentions for your own magical experience. Section 1 Values, Mission, and Legacy What are your family's core values? How can you translate your values into a shared grantmaking mission? What is the philanthropic legacy you hope to pass along to future generations of your family? How can you and your fellow board members engage in ethical and effective family philanthropy? Explore 5 Topics To Explore Section 2 Governing, Managing, Finances, and The Law Nothing is more vital to a family foundation’s overall success than good governance. A great board helps you identify your charitable goals and work with your family to realize those goals. Explore 5 Topics To Explore Section 3 Grantmaking and Communications Regardless of your other motivations behind starting a foundation, building an effective and satisfying grantmaking program is likely at the heart of your goals. Explore 3 Topics To Explore Section 4 Engaging the Next Gen, Assessment, and Renewal There is a common question every family can ask to help clarify its thinking about these issues: Why do you want family involvement, and what does that mean to you? Explore 3 Topics To Explore Section 5 Considering the Question of Perpetuity Whether to operate indefinitely or limit the lifespan of a foundation is among the most fundamental questions that foundations can ask—and a conversation every family or board should have. Explore 1 Topics To Explore