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Section 1: Resource 2

Mission and Goals

As there are no one-size-fits-all answers, you will need a few guideposts to make reasonable choices. Beyond the legal and ethical requirements to which we all subscribe, your choices will reflect your motivations for establishing the foundation, your history with giving and volunteering, your values, and your goals for charitable impact and family participation.

Here you will find additional perspectives and tips for defining mission and goals for your family's philanthropy. For a wide variety of additional sample statements and other resources, current NCFP Friends are invited to login to NCFP's Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center.

Read (15 minutes)
Sample mission statements This collection of sample mission statements, compiled by The Deboskey Group, offers a glimpse into the main different forms and formats that your mission statement may take.
Read (10 minutes)
How do we create and make the most out of our foundation's mission statement? Whether it’s a crisp declaration of a family’s shared values or a succinct manifesto for social change, a well written mission statement goes a long way to providing the kind of clarity of vision your giving family needs to be effective.
Do (30 minutes)
Download a Mission Statement Worksheet This worksheet, developed by The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, offers key questions to consider and a quick option for developing a draft mission statement.
Read (30 minutes)
Crafting your charitable mission statement: A Guide for Donors Articulating your goals for your philanthropy via a mission statement can be an invaluable first step. This publication helps donors think through seven key questions related to developing a charitable mission statement.
Read (10 minutes)
Aligning your external mission with your family’s values Have you asked these questions: Why is our family involved in philanthropy? What impact do we hope to see in our families through this work?
Read (10 minutes)
The Brinson Foundation’s commitment to living its values Since its creation in 2001, The Brinson Foundation has focused in the areas of education and scientific research in order to create a world where all people are valued and committed to improving the world in which we live.
Tune-in (60 minutes)
Balancing Internal vs. External Missions in Family Philanthropy A conversation with two family foundations that have found successful strategies for thoughtfully defining, measuring, and tracking both their internal, family focused, and their external, community focused, missions.