Grantmaking with a Compass: Geographic Dispersion in Philanthropic Families

Posted on December 14, 2006 by Diane Bryant, Nancy Brain

In our increasingly mobile society, family philanthropies once defined by their proximity now encounter a new obstacle: geography. How does geography affect a philanthropy’s mission? How do you keep the family and the philanthropy together? Nancy Brain and Diane Bryant, sisters and trustees of the Frances Hollis Brain Foundation, explore how philanthropies can meet the challenges of dispersion… Read More

Demystifying Decision-Making in Your Family’s Philanthropy

Posted on April 13, 2006 by Ann Shulman

In your family’s philanthropy, do you generally make decisions in the same way? Are all the members of your family happy with the way these decisions are made or are some left feeling unheard and unsatisfied? In this session, Ann Shulman, an attorney, mediator, and advisor to family foundations, and author of NCFP’s Passages Issue Brief on Demystifying Decisionmaking in… Read More

Ground rules for family meetings

Posted on October 29, 2003 by Mark Gerzon

A set of working ground rules to help families and boards to have productive and participatory discussions about important issues. Stated objective of these ground rules: to create a safe environment for open conversation… Read More

Good Governance: Dealing with Time Demands

Posted on October 27, 2003 by Robert H. Hull

First, there are meetings. Although the foundation may meet only four times a year, meetings always seem to come around quickly. They often last a full day, and frequently require some travel–particularly if the foundation has roots in different regions of the country. In addition, preparing for meetings and board service in general involves such tasks as: Reviewing and digesting… Read More

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