Board Compensation

Reasonable and Necessary?

Deciding whether to compensate or reimburse family foundation board members can be a difficult and complex decision. This Content Collection provides guidance on the legal regulations regarding compensation, suggestions for how to initiate a conversation among your board members about whether or not compensation is appropriate, and suggestions for how to develop a written policy based on this conversation.

Note: In lieu of compensating board members, many family foundations offer discretionary grants for their board members as a way to honor their volunteer time and effort on behalf of the foundation.

Discussion Papers, Webinars, and Other Resources

Sample Policies and Practices

Additional Perspectives and Examples of Excessive Compensation

Trustee compensation: Should your foundation pay?
GMA Foundations

They Get Paid? Foundation Board Fees Send the Wrong Message
Inside Philanthropy

Private Foundations and Compensation: Family Ties Can Lead to Problems
Leaffer Law Group

Can Board Members Be Paid?
National Council of Nonprofits

When Salaries Are Bigger Than Grants
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Some Officers of Charities Steer Assets to Selves
The Boston Globe

Almost Crimes: The Boston Globe’s Foundation Exposés Revisited
Nonprofit Quarterly



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