Privacy and Transparency: Anonymous vs. Public Giving

Modesty may make some families reticent, but others point to the potential for good in the family name and reputation. Many families have learned to take explicit advantage of what can be a useful grantmaking tool. The family name can garner respect, or at least attention. It can act as an imprimatur of sorts, particularly when the family encourages grantees to let others know they fund them. This NCFP Content Collection provides context for new donors considering how public to be with their grantmaking, management and operations, and provides ideas for existing foundations and boards contemplating this question.

Tip: Check out the Policy Central: Grantmaking and Strategy collection for sample Publicity and Recognition policies.

Transparency in Family Philanthropy: Opening to the Possibilities

Embracing Transparency at the The Russell Family Foundation

Giving Publicly vs. Giving Anonymously

Additional Views on Transparency and Anonymity

Transparency and Telling Your Story: NCFP Webinars

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