Policy Central: Grantmaking and Strategy

Grantmaking policies are essential for boards and staffs seeking to develop efficient systems for tracking, evaluating, and managing progress on current and prospective grants. Included here are samples policies and checklists for budgets, site visits, evaluation forms, discretionary grants, and much more.

Start Here: Trust-Based Philanthropy Policies

Allocation of Board and Staff Responsibilities

Budget Reporting Templates

Capital Grants

Community Member Compensation Policy

Declination Letters

Disaster Grantmaking

Discretionary Grants Policies

Discretionary Grants Procedures

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policies and Plans

Diversity of Grantees

Eligiblity Quiz for Prospective Grantees

Endowment Grants Policy

Expenditure Responsibility

Fiscal Sponsorship

General Operating Support Grants

Grant Agreements

Grant Agreement for a 501(c)(4) Organization

Grant Application Forms

Grant Approval Letter

Grant Evaluation - Trust-Based Reporting Practices

Grant Evaluation - Interim and Progress Reports

Grant Evaluation - Final Reporting Forms

Grantee Assessment Tool

Guidelines and Agreement with Prohibition Against Hate


Letter of Inquiry

Matching Grants

Mission Statements

Postcard or Form Letters

Pre-application Questionnaire and Grantee Eligibility Quiz

Publicity, Communications, and Recognition Policies

Request for Proposals



Site Visit Forms and Checklists

Strategic Plans

Theory of Change

Timetable for a Grants Cycle