Strategic Lifespan Peer Network: Supporting Social Movements: How a Spend Down Foundation Can Make a More Impactful Difference

What caused the Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation to move from gifting six to eight percent of their total assets annually, to a decision to spend down its $150M in assets by 2041?

What impact do they hope to make during that time?

Join us for a conversation with Sharon Yazowski, CEO, and Vanessa Silberman, Executive Vice President on the process and thinking that led to this decision—from the quadrupling of the foundation’s assets when founder Mimi Levitt passed away in 2019, to the effects of 2020 on their outlook.

We will also hear more on the lasting impact they hope to have on the communities they serve as they dedicate $150 million to build community through music across the country.

Recommended Resources:

Press Release: Levitt Foundation Announces Spend Down of $150 Million

Levitt Foundation Board President Liz Levitt Hirsch and Chief Executive Officer Sharon Yazowski Discuss the Foundation’s Spend Down Plans

For those who would like to participate, we will have an additional 15 minutes of networking time at the end of the program.

If you are unable to attend this event, but are interested in being a part of the Strategic Lifespan Peer Network, sign up here. For this interactive meeting, we encourage attendees to join with webcams on. To help foster candid discussions, peer network events are not recorded.

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