Taking on the Big Issues: How Your Foundation Can Find Focus and Create Impact

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As a funder looking to effect change within a large-scale social, environmental, or economic problem, how do you decide as a family what you can do to make a difference? How do you find your role and define impact as you take on problems of an incredible scope? Join these families who have tackled major issues by finding specific focus areas, taking big bets, or collaborating effectively. Whether you are a small funder or large foundation, this webinar will highlight important actions you can take to have impact and create powerful change towards significant issues.

Featured Speakers

Maggi Alexander

Maggi Alexander is a Partner at TPI and directs TPI’s Center for Global Philanthropy. In this role…

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Meg Baesmith

As a co-founder of the Laughing Gull Foundation, Meg was honored to take the lead on…

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Keiki Kehoe

A lifelong activist, Keiki believes in the power of citizen engagement and the role philanthropy can…

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Ann Krumboltz

Having been a grantee herself for many years, Ann believes a foundation should be an accessible…

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