Ann Krumboltz

Co-director, The Brainerd Foundation

Having been a grantee herself for many years, Ann believes a foundation should be an accessible and thoughtful partner to the community it serves. She oversees the Brainerd Foundation’s administrative, management, financial, and programmatic work, in partnership with her colleague Keiki Kehoe. Ann also serves as the primary program officer for the foundation’s Conservation Capacity grants. Ann and Keiki share the implementation of the foundation’s Sunset Initiatives, as well as oversight of the foundation’s place-based work in Central Oregon.

Prior to joining the Brainerd Foundation, Ann worked for the Energy Foundation and several national environmental, arms control, and consumer organizations. She enjoys hiking, theater, travel, reading nonfiction, and pilgrimages to the gym. She has served on a variety of boards and volunteers for electoral and civic endeavors. She recently acquired an old house she shares with her partner Steve, which requires them to begrudgingly embrace the perpetual joy of home repair.


Taking on the Big Issues: How Your Foundation Can Find Focus and Create Impact

Posted on November 22, 2019 by Keiki Kehoe, Ann Krumboltz, Meg Baesmith, Maggi Alexander

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