Keiki Kehoe

Co-director, The Brainerd Foundation

A lifelong activist, Keiki believes in the power of citizen engagement and the role philanthropy can play in helping build a powerful conservation movement. As co-director of the foundation, Keiki shares responsibility for the foundation’s day-to-day operations with Ann Krumboltz. She also serves as the primary program officer for the foundation’s Conservation Policy grants. Keiki and Ann share the implementation of the Sunset Initiatives, as well as oversight of the foundation’s place-based work in Central Oregon.

Before coming to the foundation, Keiki spent more than a decade in Washington, D.C., working on the front lines of energy policy battles. In addition to her work with the Brainerd Foundation, Keiki has served as a consultant to more than a dozen foundations around the country. She loves her Ballard neighborhood where she lives with her husband and spends her free time trying to keep her Little Free Library filled with interesting books for her neighbors.


Taking on the Big Issues: How Your Foundation Can Find Focus and Create Impact

Posted on November 22, 2019 by Keiki Kehoe, Ann Krumboltz, Meg Baesmith, Maggi Alexander

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