Giving Identity: What Do You Bring to Your Giving?

Each and every donor brings a great deal more to their giving than the funds used to establish the endowment. Key among these other gifts are the donor’s guiding philosophy, life experiences, management style, and style of giving. How might your philosophy, experiences, and preferred styles management and giving inform the current and future goals of the family’s philanthropy?

Guiding Philosophy

  • Individual and family values
  • Ethics
  • Faith and religion
  • Political and social philosophy

Life Experiences

  • Traditions
  • Mentors
  • Friendships and contacts
  • Personal interests
  • Community involvement and volunteering
  • Board service
  • Business skills and experience
  • Historical events and key events in one’s life

Management Style

  • Hands on   <——————>   General guidance   <——————>  Hands off
  • Formal  <——————————>  Informal
  • Individual control  <——————————>  Consensus based
  • Focus on short-term goals  <——————————>  Focus on long-term goals
  • Collaborate with others <——————————>  Give independently
  • Seek out opportunities  <——————————> Be responsive to opportunities

Giving Style

  • Issues  <——————————>  Institutions
  • Special projects  <——————————>  General operating support
  • Seed grants  <——————————>  Repeat gifts
  • Identify grantees  <——————————>  Accept proposals
  • Support established institutions <——————————>  Focus on new efforts
  • Endowment gifts   <——————————>  Programs and current expenses