Family Identity and Culture

Many philanthropic families have a strong sense of identity, defined by their traditions and culture and carried out through their commitments to one another and the public trust. A clear family identity is driven by a shared purpose and philosophy, which in turn promotes a successful collective giving effort. How do families understand their shared purpose and ensure it faithfully guides them in their work? What is the role of the individual in relation to the collective? How does culture affect the approaches that families employ? Learn how families cultivate their philanthropic identity and nurture a family culture that reflects a shared sense of purpose.


Required Reading

Samples from Families

Additional Resources

The Source Codes of Foundation Culture (GEO, 2015)

Paying Attention to White Culture and Privilege: A Missing Link to Advancing Racial Equity (The Foundation Review, 2014)

Culture Resource Guide (GEO, 2018)

Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture (Equity in the Center, 2020)

Assess Your Organization’s Culture (The Bridgespan Group)

Understanding and Developing Organizational Culture (SHRM)

Pathways: Matching Estate Planning to Family Culture (Merrill, 2020)

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