Grantmaking with a Racial Justice Lens​

Movements have grown in their intersectionality, their sophistication and reach and many nonprofits and organizers have been actively contributing to their gains as well as being pushed themselves. Many funders and philanthropic infrastructure organizations have taken on the language and principles of racial equity in their changing practices. Yet so much work remains, so many inequities continue to be exacerbated even among those seeking to do the right thing in a changing world.

In recognition of the complexity of these shifts and the evolution of the work, PRE has published Grantmaking with a Racial Justice Lens: A Practical Guide, to help foundation leaders understand what it means to move from racial equity to racial justice funding strategies, co-written by PRE Senior Fellow Rinku Sen & Executive Director Lori Villarosa. It also addresses how to align operational practices to both reduce racial inequity and advance racial justice, with a chapter on selecting the right tools and consultants written by Maggie Potapchuk.

The guide centers what racial justice activists want funders to know and includes experienced funders’ stories and how-to tips on advancing foundation practices to achieve racial justice. This includes responding to resistance; resourcing in ways that builds power, tackles anti-Black racism and white supremacy; correcting the course of some problematic trends; and more.