Andrea Zucker previously served as Outreach Coordinator of Nexus Global Youth Summit.  She has also been a writer, activist, and social impact investor who believes that each of us should harness our personal gifts to find our best ways to give.  A native of Charleston, South Carolina, her parents modeled the importance of community involvement from her earliest days and taught her that her role as a human being is to help repair the world in whatever ways possible.  Andrea was shaped by early experiences in community activism through Youth Service Charleston and Operation Understanding and went on to work in the nonprofit world professionally with The Coastal Community Foundation, United Way of America, and United Way International.  She also works with the InterTech Group, Inc. a privately owned company that incorporates philanthropy and community involvement into its corporate philosophy.  Andrea taught briefly in the DC public school system and is passionate about equal access to educational resources.  She is also devoted to creating a safer and better environment through reducing dependence on oil and innovating in the clean energy sector and serves on the board of SAFE, Securing America’s Future Energy.


Changemakers: National networks engaging next gen philanthropic leaders

Posted on March 17, 2016 by Andrea Zucker, Biz Ghormley, Brendan Adams, Iris Brilliant, Manuela Arciniegas, Mary Galeti, Rebecca Balter, Katie Scott

Family foundation boards are expected to see a period of unprecedented change over the next few years, with a new generation of philanthropists poised to take over leadership roles. It's more important than ever that we provide emerging philanthropic leaders with a variety of networking opportunities and resources to allow them to effectively address the most pressing social issues… Read More