Iris Brilliant previously served as the National Organizer And Coordinator of Family Philanthropy at Resource Generation. She grew up in the Marin County, CA and currently lives in Oakland, CA. She was a part of the RG Bay Area Leadership Team, where she formed the first ever Jewish Praxis group, which explored the intersection of class privilege and Jewish identity and history. Iris has been engaged in institutional philanthropy and family giving for over a decade. After attending numerous philanthropy conferences as one of a few young adults, she realized the need for a stronger nextgen presence in philanthropy. She is passionate about supporting the leadership development of young adults in the philanthropic world and their implementation of social change values into philanthropy. In her spare time, she sings with a folk band, studies somatic coaching, practices Hatha yoga, reads magical realism and instigates conversations about money with strangers.


Changemakers: National networks engaging next gen philanthropic leaders

Posted on March 17, 2016 by Andrea Zucker, Biz Ghormley, Brendan Adams, Iris Brilliant, Manuela Arciniegas, Mary Galeti, Rebecca Balter, Katie Scott

Family foundation boards are expected to see a period of unprecedented change over the next few years, with a new generation of philanthropists poised to take over leadership roles. It's more important than ever that we provide emerging philanthropic leaders with a variety of networking opportunities and resources to allow them to effectively address the most pressing social issues… Read More