Brittany Green Daniels

Grants and Operations Manager, Green Family Foundation

Brittany Green Daniels has served as the Green Family Foundation’s Grants and Operations Manager for the past three years.

Prior to joining GFF, she was an Assistant District Attorney with the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office. Dedicated to helping others, Brittany joined her family’s foundation to deepen her connections to the community and help on a larger scale.

Although fairly new to working in the philanthropic sector, Brittany has a long history of philanthropic support and volunteering. She has entered the field by creating and supporting the foundation’s structure, internal measures, and external relationships from the ground up.

In addition to her J.D., Brittany holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Drexel University.


Internal Evaluation and Learning

Posted on December 15, 2022 by Brittany Green Daniels, Arturo Garcia, Bruce Karmazin, Prentice Zinn

A family philanthropy has a much better chance of success if there is an intentional culture that values continuous improvement, feedback and professional development, and an integrated approach of learning and assessment across governance, philanthropic strategy, succession, and more. The assessment process asks organizations to evaluate their philanthropic purpose, governance, team, accountability, finances, and family—to answer how you can continually… Read More