Christy Uchida

President, The Brinson Foundation

A champion of good causes and role model to many, Christy Uchida is a conscientious leader with almost 20 years of philanthropic experience and a lifelong passion for arts and altruism.

As President of The Brinson Foundation, she heads a private family foundation that’s been funding education and scientific research for nearly two decades.  She leads a staff of four to support the family-run board and guides the organization’s focus and vision.

Christy’s likeable, cooperative nature and gift for connecting like-minded people have helped her to create a far-reaching network that facilitates The Brinson Foundation’s impactful efforts.  She also deploys her formidable network as a frequent mentor for young professionals new to the nonprofit sector.  Dependable and meticulous, she has a reputation for unwavering commitment and reliability.

Before joining The Brinson Foundation she served as a Community Investor in Global Corporate Citizenship for The Boeing Company.  She also led several arts nonprofits in Chicago culminating as Managing Director of the spectacle troupe Redmoon Theater where she directed the transformation of an empty warehouse to a full-service performance space.

A prolific volunteer, Christy serves on the board of the School for Field Studies (where she is an alumna) and recently completed a decade of board service at Links Hall, an independent performing arts incubator.  Recently, Christy has been providing hands-on logistical support for a practical abortion fund, the Midwest Access Coalition.  She is also active in various member groups at Forefront, Chicago Women in Philanthropy and the National Center for Family Philanthropy.

Christy holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies and Biology from Tufts University.

Known as an environmental champion and punctilious proofreader, Christy loves spending time with her two nieces and twin sister, placed in the top 93% of Divvy shared bike riders last year, and is famous for her signature dish: novelty Jell-O.


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