Julien Goulet

Former Associate Director, Longbrake Family Foundation

Julien Goulet is the former Associate Director of the Longbrake Family Foundation (TLFF) based in Seattle, WA. He developed the Next Gen program for TLFF’s third gen ranging in age from 0-14. He is slightly awed by how much fun this has been and how it has helped him connect with his kids. Julien is new to the world of philanthropy and previously worked in the social work field for 20+ years primarily in mental health and youth engagement. He loves connecting with new people!


Voices from the Field

Building the Family in Family Foundations Through Mentorship

Posted on June 25, 2019 by Julien Goulet

As Mark Twain alludes to and those who have raised kids know—at a certain age, kids will only listen to a trusted confidant such as a teacher, a scout leader, a coach… or a mentor! Mentorship has been proven to have positive long-term benefits such as increased academic performance, college attendance, and reduced drug and alcohol use. It also has been shown to increase confidence and help unleash a young person’s potential… Read More

Engaging Next Gen Peer Network: Supporting Youth Ages 0 to Age 14

Posted on February 26, 2019 by Julien Goulet, Michelle Knapik, Neil Gobioff

Join Julien from Longbrake Family Foundation who is working to engage their next gen as a non-family staff. We will gather to share resources, needs, and goals/ desired outcomes for this special age group to figure out next steps for those working across experiences and levels. We’re excited for this special start to 2019 led by one of your peers… Read More