Melinda Oakes

Executive Director, Triad Foundation

Melinda Oakes is the executive director at Triad Foundation, a private family foundation with an office in Ithaca, NY and regional giving along the east coast of the United States. Prior to joining the Foundation staff in 2015, Melinda worked in the consumer products industry at top brands including Hallmark and LEGO Company as well as within the entertainment industry under Madison Square Garden. A proud Midwesterner, Melinda earned her undergraduate degree at Kansas State University as well as master’s in Education (University of Hartford) and Public Policy (University of Missouri).

In her personal time, Melinda serves on multiple local, regional and national boards and committees. She’s also an adoring wife and mom to two elementary-aged children.


Complexities of the Collective: Balancing Individual and Family Interests

Posted on December 7, 2021 by Melinda Oakes, Andy Klingenstein, Wendy R. Ulaszek, Ph.D., Ashley Blanchard

stones balancing; balance
For many, family philanthropy presents an opportunity to create a shared experience, unifying the family by working together toward a lasting legacy of impact. Family philanthropy can also give participants an opportunity to explore and cultivate their personal philanthropic passions. Yet there is an inherent tension between these two goals, and many families struggle with how to address it—especially as… Read More