Rebecca Stone is a consultant in program planning and analysis for nonprofits, philanthropy, and government, with subject expertise in public education, as well as child, youth, and community development. Her recent work has placed particular emphasis on how these interconnected sectors define and meet the demand for assessment and accountability. Ms. Stone has worked in washington, DC in both consumer and youth advocacy as well as on Capitol Hill as a legislative assistant in foreign affairs and human rights. After moving to Chicago in 1990, she worked in child and adolescent services and research, first at the Ounce of Prevention Fund and then at the Chapin Hall Center for Children at the university of Chicago. Since moving to the Boston area in 1999, Rebecca has divided her time between consulting and public service. As a consultant, she has worked frequently with the Heller School at Brandeis. In addition, she serves on Brookline Town Meeting as an elected representative from Brookline’s 3rd Precinct and is currently Vice Chair of the Brookline School Committee.