Rob MacPherson serves as Vice President for Development & Philanthropic at the Central Indiana Community Foundation, where he directs asset development strategies and donor services activities for CICF. In addition to working with prospective donors to promote the advantages of partnering with CICF to fulfill charitable wishes, Rob works closely with current donors to keep them engaged with our work in the community and informed on current charitable trends in Central Indiana. Prior to joining CICF, Rob was on staff at the Arts Council of Indianapolis as Director of Special Projects.

Rob serves or has served as a board member of the Lacy Leadership Association, Indiana Civil Liberties Union Foundation, VSA Arts of Indiana, Eastside Community Investments, and Dance Kaleidoscope. He is also one of the founders of and the executive producer for Spotlight, an annual citywide performing arts benefit for the Indiana AIDS Fund that has raised more than $3 million in 15 years.


Community Foundation Spark Session: Readying Your Community Foundation to Serve Philanthropic Families

Posted on February 16, 2017 by Rob MacPherson, Ruth Purcell-Jones, Tony Macklin

You’ve successfully attracted Donor-Advised Funds and developed solid relationships with those founding donors. But now they’re asking for help with tougher issues such as preparing heirs to be responsible givers, dealing with geographic dispersion and generational differences in giving, and improving family communications and problem-solving skills. (If they’re not asking now, they will be soon…). How will your foundation respond,… Read More

How Can Community Foundation Staff Prepare for and Manage Family Dynamics?

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Audrey Jacobs, Rob MacPherson

This month we are delighted to feature a question recently asked during our June webinar, Ten ways philanthropic families work with community foundations. This webinar provides reminders, tips, and peer advice for families, donors, and community foundation staff along with the stories of how two donor families have made the most of their long-time relationship with their local community foundation. The featured presenters are Lauren Amos from the Wish Foundation, David Barrett from the Gene B. Glick Company, Audrey Jacobs from The Center for Family Philanthropy for The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta; and Rob MacPherson from the Central Indiana Community Foundation… Read More

Ten ways philanthropic families work with community foundations

Posted on June 11, 2015 by Audrey Jacobs, David O. Barrett, Elizabeth Sullivan, Lauren Amos, Mark Neithercut, Rob MacPherson

This special webinar as we count and describe the many ways that philanthropic families work with the more than 800 community foundations spread across North America. From partnering for impact to serving as a training ground for younger family members, community foundations and families have been partners since the very first community foundations were founded just over a century ago… Read More