Terrill North

Executive Director, Hoffberger Family Philanthropies

Terrill North is Executive Director of Hoffberger Family Philanthropies, two foundations with a focus on children’s mental health and economic mobility in greater Baltimore. Terrill has previously served as a consultant to the US Department of Defense and senior advisor to two Members of Congress. He earned his JD from Columbia University and Master’s in Education Leadership from the Broad Center. Terrill completed undergraduate studies at Howard University and additional studies in nonprofit leadership at Harvard University.


Staffing for Success

Posted on December 8, 2021 by Frank Baiocchi, Terrill North, Kim Van Horn, Alison Fass, Katherine Jacobs

Professional staff is frequently an essential element of an effective family philanthropy effort; however, it can be a difficult construct to navigate. What are the skills and expertise required for staff members to be successful in family philanthropy? How can philanthropic families prepare to hire the right talent? What does the hiring process entail and what are some common missteps… Read More