Thalie Waters

Secretary, Youth Leadership Team, Greater Houston Community Foundation

Thalie Waters is a junior at St. John’s School. Thalie has been an active member of the Youth Leadership Team for three years. Thalie is currently an officer for the Youth Leadership Team and holds the title of Secretary. She has taken an active role in helping to plan and lead meetings and helped to organize the 2020 Family Philanthropy Day, an all-ages program in which families learn about volunteering and philanthropy together. Thalie and her mother Gerry are both active in the Family Giving Circle.


CANCELLED – Supporting Young Leaders & Next-gen to Develop Philanthropic Identities

Posted on January 14, 2021 by Ashton Kao, Marshall Hill, Thalie Waters, Duncan McLaren, Brendan Adams

*CANCELLED: Given that a majority of our speakers are in Texas with snow and major power outages, we have cancelled this webinar. We are wishing our speakers well during the storms.* Family members of all ages strive to balance their individual identities—who they want to be and what they stand for—with their connection to their family’s identity, values, and culture… Read More