Tracy Wasden headshot

Tracy Wasden

CEO, The Gibney Family Foundation

As CEO of The Gibney Family Foundation, Tracy oversees the operations of a narrowly focused mission. She intuitively sees opportunity to grow the Foundation in perpetuity, engages the next generation as future leaders, and brings the family together grounded in values. Tracy strives to give the Foundation a credible voice with partners in the field and leads a team who works hard to stay current on strategic initiatives. Tracy has been with the Foundation since 2003 serving in a variety of roles and was elected CEO in 2018.


Making Space for Youth Leadership

Posted on December 9, 2021 by Charlotte Cottier, Tracy Wasden, Marlene Corrado, Alexis Marion

There are many different strategies and formats to engage the next generation of youth in family philanthropy. Yet in all cases, younger members of the next generation need opportunities to take leadership roles that help them learn new skills, gain relevant experience in philanthropy, and hone their own practices and interests before taking on leadership as adults. Join us for… Read More