Rural Funders Salon

Posted on September 10, 2021 by Erin Borla, Wynn Rosser

Family foundations and other funders and donors focused on serving rural communities face special challenges—lack of infrastructure, lack of partners, and often lack of urgency from state and federal government entities. NCFP is pleased to offer this collaborative space for family foundations and other funders with a rural focus seeking to create connections and share strategies and stories with others… Read More

Whole Philanthropy

Posted on August 30, 2021 by Chicago Beyond

Whole Philanthropy is Chicago Beyond’s approach to operationalizing transformation. By honoring the contexts in which our work takes place and the human dignity and value of the people we work with, we hope to build a deep foundation of trust and solidarity with our partners to achieve our mutual aspirations for Chicago’s young people. This document shares more about the… Read More

Menu of Communication Platforms

Posted on August 3, 2021 by Stupski Foundation

This document shows the options for how the Stupski Foundation uses communications to elevate the work of its grantees. Community members and grantee partners can reach out to the foundation to collaborate through social media, the newsletter, and more… Read More

Rural Funders Salon

Posted on June 23, 2021 by Erin Borla, Wynn Rosser

Registration is now closed. Family foundations and other funders and donors focused on serving rural communities face special challenges—lack of infrastructure, lack of partners, and often lack of urgency from state and federal government entities. As detailed in NCFP’s 2018 report, Pride of Place, family foundations are traditionally among the most place-based of all funders, with deep and lasting connections… Read More

Sparking Cross-Sector Collaboration for COVID Recovery: How a Family Foundation Catalyzed Local Investment

Posted on February 24, 2021 by Nancy Rauch Douzinas, Kevin Law, Patrick Halpin, Gemma Deleon-Lopresti, Katie Smith Milway

 The Rauch Foundation of Long Island will describe how family foundations can play a unique role as a neutral hub to forge relationships across local business, government, and media that can multiply investment in regional economic recovery. Foundation President Nancy Rauch Douzinas and a panel of collaborators will articulate and illustrate five principles for using research, relationship networks, advocacy… Read More

Open For Good: Knowledge Sharing to Strengthen Grantmaking

Posted on December 15, 2020 by GrantCraft

Knowledge has the power to spark change, but only if it is shared. In this GrantCraft guide, grantmakers share how and why their foundations openly share knowledge as an integral and strategic aspect of philanthropy. Learn from their firsthand experience how to grow organizational capacity and culture for knowledge sharing, address common concerns, and use knowledge exchange to advance your… Read More

Trust-based Family Philanthropy

Posted on July 23, 2020 by Sarah Walczyk, Shaady Salehi, Ellen Friedman, Hanh Le

Trust-based philanthropy is being embraced by a growing number of family foundations as a way to alleviate power imbalances between funders and grantees while fostering more productive and informative relationships. Driven by the central philosophy that funders should approach grantee relationships as learning partnerships, a trust-based approach encourages multi-year unrestricted funding, streamlined reporting, and transparent and responsive communication. In this… Read More

Collaborative Philanthropy in the Time of COVID-19

Posted on April 22, 2020 by Tony Mestres, Elizabeth Cousens, Judith Monroe, Gabrielle Fitzgerald

people putting jigsaw puzzle together
The National Center for Family Philanthropy is dedicated to serving families who give and those that work with them. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering conversations on topics of interest to all philanthropic families associated with family foundations, donor-advised funds, family offices, and other philanthropic vehicles. For questions about this series, please contact Jen Crino at… Read More

Collaborative Giving

Posted on April 17, 2020 by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

If your philanthropic vision involves truly moving the needle on a big issue, it’s worth exploring the possibility of bringing others along with you on the journey. This guide will walk you through the why, how, who, when and what of collaborative giving. … Read More