Ethical Wills: Passing on a Philanthropic Legacy

Posted on October 20, 2005 by Susan Turnbull

An Ethical Will is a beautiful, sensible and compelling document, which provides the means to answer the question, ‘What do I want my loved ones to know?’ Legal and financial documents address only, ‘What do I want my loved ones to have?’ Yet our lives and legacies are so much richer than simply our monetary assets. This session with an… Read More

Generations of Giving: Lessons on Governance and Continuity

Posted on February 25, 2005 by Kelin E. Gersick, Ph.D.

For every family member involved in a family foundation or advised fund, there are two fundamental questions: Why are we doing this? And why am I participating? The second in a two-part series, Kelin Gersick presented key lessons on governance and explored questions in the areas of reviewing and reinventing mission, considering family dynamics, and preparing for future generations involvement… Read More

Succession and Changing

Posted on October 28, 2002 by John Sare

Many foundations change dramatically after the death or permanent incapacity of the founder. Some divide into multiple foundations, reflecting the geographic dispersion and differences of opinion of the founder’s adult children and grand-children. As a legal matter, the division of a foundation is relatively easy to accomplish, although family discord can complicate the process… Read More

Difficult Discussions at Difficult Times

Posted on March 4, 2002 by Deanne Stone

This Passages Issue Brief offers suggestions for preparing for and responding to the effect of crises of different magnitude on philanthropic families. These include personal crises such as death, illness, and interpersonal conflicts, as well as community and national crises — including natural disasters, riots, economic recession, and terrorism… Read More

Reviewing Donor Legacy And Defining Future Directions: The Current Family Foundation

Posted on November 4, 2001 by Charles Hamilton

Each and every foundation conducts its review of donor legacy differently, depending upon the unique characteristics of the family and the foundation. The Current Family Foundation recently went through a successful process of review highlighting the donors'legacy. It invigorated the foundation's programmatic grantmaking, and moved the board of family members-from several generations-forward with a common family legacy… Read More

At the Crossroads: a Lost Opportunity

Posted on October 5, 2001

Developing a donor legacy statement can be a difficult and emotional process. This is particularly true when the donor knows that his wishes may conflict with those of his heirs. Stan Alexander, founder of the $75-million Alexander Foundation, inherited a large part of his wealth from his father, Joseph, a businessman and politician with a life-long interest in primary education… Read More

Family concinnities

Posted on February 20, 2001 by Deanne Stone

After the death of John Andrus I in 1934, his eight children went off in different directions. Some siblings moved away from New York, and others had grown estranged from one another. Helen Benedict was concerned that the family was drifting apart. In 1966, Helen, then in her late seventies, hatched a plan to reconnect the family. She invited 37… Read More

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