Family Philanthropy in Times of Crisis: A Letter to the Community

plant grows out of rocks

Dear Community Members:

There are no words that can change our reality; this is a challenging time for all—one of great uncertainty, anxiety, and restlessness.

This is also a time when humanity is fundamentally tested; a time when each of us is called to reflect on how we might not only persist, but contribute to the health and wellbeing of those around us.

Yet, we are not alone! Despite the isolation that we are asked to endure as individuals and families at this time, it is important to remember that we are all part of a powerful community—family philanthropy. As members of this community, it is important that we care for one another, connect with one another, and learn from one another.

Family philanthropy is a powerful movement; and it is during times of crisis that we must especially embrace the role of an active and inspired giver. It means caring for those in need, listening to the needs of our communities, and using our positions of privilege to reach those who suffer from unwavering prejudices and circumstances of inequality.

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