Pride of Place

About this collection: This Content Collection features NCFP's report providing the first-ever in-depth look examining place-based, multi-generational family giving, along with a variety of other resources and case studies on place-based family philanthropy.

Curated By: Jason Born
Sponsored By: JF Maddox Foundation

Pride of Place: The Report

Pride of Place: Sustaining a Family Commitment to Geography

How has place-based family philanthropy evolved over time? NCFP is proud to publish Pride of Place: Sustaining a Family Commitment to Geography, a study of place-based foundations and funds. A place-based foundation or fund is committed—often exclusively—to a particular geographic region of the country.
March 14, 2019

Pride of Place: Sustaining a Family’s Commitment to Community

What does it mean to have “pride of place”? How do giving families retain their commitment to the founding region or community where their philanthropic resources were first created? How can family foundations and funds accommodate increasingly disparate personal interests among those serving on the board while staying true to…

Featured Stories and Case Studies

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Pride of Place: Bradley-Turner Foundation, Columbus, Georgia

Impact Story
If the challenge of managing a place-based foundation across multiple generations is daunting to many, it makes sense to look closely to the Bradley-Turner Foundation as the fifth generation of that family prepares to welcome the sixth to the work of the family foundation.

Jacobs Family Foundation: Be Fearless Case Study

Impact Story
An abandoned lot, an experimental initial public offering (IPO) and a culture that believes that failure leads to learning inspired the Jacobs Family Foundation to transform its business model from traditional grantmaker to place-based funder to maximize impact without sacrificing its core values and mission. A Be Fearless case study,…

Additional Case Studies

Three Approaches to Place-based Philanthropy: Lessons for Donors from the Imago Dei Foundation (Giving Compass, 2020)

Funder Spotlight: Durfee Foundation (Whitman Institute, 2017)

Steans Family Foundation: A Case Study in Place-Based Giving (Annie E. Casey Foundation)

Moving Forward While Staying in Place: Embedded Funders and Community Change (Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago, 2004)

A Sense of Place: Place-Based Grantmaking in Practice (Neighborhood Funders Group, 2010)

The Art & Science of Place-based Evaluation (Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, 2015)

Reports and Articles

The Art and Science of Place-Based Philanthropy: Themes From a National Convening (The Foundation Review, 2016)

Donor Perspectives on Place-Based Philanthropy (E. Backer, Thomas & Miller, Alan & Ellen Bleeg, Jane, 2004)

The Place-Based Strategic Philanthropy Model (Center for Urban Economics at The University of Texas at Dallas, 2007)

Place-Based Philanthropy Supports Urban Sustainability (Philanthropy Northwest, 2017)

Towards a Better Place Conference Report (Aspen Institute, 2015)

Trust is What Powers Place-based Philanthropy (Philanthropy Northwest, 2014)

Impact Investing and Place-Based Philanthropy

Investing Together: Emerging Approaches in Collaborative Place-Based Impact Investing (Urban Institute, 2018)

The Capacities Foundations Need to Embark on Place-Based Impact Investing (GreenMoney, 2019)

Invest in where you know: Impact investors rediscover the power of ‘place’ (ImpactAlpha, 2018)

Where Does Your Cash Sleep at Night? (Exponent Philanthropy, 2019)

Additional Blog Posts and Perspectives

Lessons from Place-Based Philanthropy (Giving Compass, 2019)

The Argument for Place-Based Funding (Wise Philanthropy, 2015)