2016 Trustee Education Institute: a Comprehensive Seminar for Family Foundation Trustees

NCFP’s Trustee Education Institute provides a comprehensive introduction to all of the key legal, investment, ethical, grantmaking, and family dynamics issues facing family foundation board members. Featuring a faculty made up of NCFP’s senior staff and highly respected philanthropy experts, this three day, intensive seminar will cover:

  • What does it mean to be a steward of both the public’s trust and your family’s legacy?
  • How do you bring your personal giving identity to the foundation’s collective grantmaking?
  • What are the qualities and responsibilities of effective trustees and exceptional boards?
  • How do you navigate family dynamics at the board table?
  • What essential legal rules do you need to know, and what are the more difficult ethical issues you may confront over time?
  • How can you grow into a leader for your family’s philanthropy and get the most from this truly special opportunity?
Download the 2016 Trustee Education Institute agenda – see confirmed speaker list below

Featured Speakers

Ginny Esposito

Virginia M. Esposito

Virginia M. Esposito, is the founding president of the National Center for Family Philanthropy. In January…

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Susan Crites Price

Susan Price serves as consultant for the National Center for Family Philanthropy. Her responsibilities include writing a…

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Andrew Schulz

Andrew Schulz is a member of the American Bar Association (EO Committee, Tax Law Section) and the…

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Bruce Kahn

Bruce Kahn has over 25 years of relevant academic, environmental and investment management experience. From 2008…

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David Grant

David Grant is the former President and CEO of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. He served as…

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David Dodson

David Dodson is President of MDC, where he has directed major projects to increase student success…

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David Neal

David Neal is senior attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), where he works on…

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Alice Buhl

Alice Buhl

Alice Buhl served as Senior Fellow to the National Center for Family Philanthropy from 2004 to…

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Jan Jaffe

Jan Jaffe worked at the Ford Foundation for thirty years in a variety of positions– in…

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Kelin E. Gersick, Ph.D.

Kelin E. Gersick, Ph.D. is a co-founder and a senior partner of Lansberg, Gersick & Associates.…

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Michael Rion

Michael Rion, Ph.D is a Founder and recently retired as Principal of Resources for Ethics and Management. Prior…

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Nat Chioke Williams

Nat Chioke Williams

As Executive Director, Nat Chioke Williams leads the Hill-Snowdon Foundation in its philanthropic and programmatic work, operations and…

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Pamela Howell-Beach

Pam Howell-Beach began in philanthropy in 1987 as the first full-time Program Officer for the Toledo Community…

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Sarah Stranahan

Sarah Stranahan has more than 30 years of experience in family philanthropy, mission-related investing and community…

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Vince Stehle

Vincent Stehle is Executive Director of Media Impact Funders, a membership organization of foundation officials and…

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Jason Born

Jason Born is the Senior Director of Knowledge at the National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP),…

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NCFP Board Member Ashley Blanchard

Ashley Blanchard

Ashley is the Head of Philanthropy at Lansberg Gersick Advisors (LGA), where she helps families define…

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What others have said...

 Attending NCFP’s Trustee Education Institute has given me more confidence in my role as a new board member of our foundation. I feel I have the proper information and invigoration now to go forward as a efficient and constructive member of the board. Thank you so much!

Jackie Hendrickson, Trustee, Sewell Family Foundation

 Excellent speakers rotate through a well designed agenda. This is a comprehensive program, touching on most everything on trustees’ minds. The icing on the cake is the open forum inviting discussion of topics that had not been addressed.

Barbara Braun Schoenfeld, Co-President, Sand Family Fund

 The guest speakers and TEI Staff facilitated an atmosphere of inclusiveness among the attendees that created an environment for rich dialogue and learning. Foundations, like the families they are comprised of, are beautifully complex and unique; however, we often forget how similar we are!

Robert Colas, Trustee, Birk Family Foundation

The institute was immensely helpful to me as we create our foundation from the ground up. It gave me a road map, issues to delve deep into and issues to consider. I am really glad that I decided to attend.

Joan Evans, Trustee, Evans Family Charitable Fund

NCFP provides a safe space for discussing family philanthropy. The speakers have insights to share & go the extra mile. The agenda is impressive & they get a lot in!


Accommodations: Courtyard Marriott Washington Convention Center  – 1/2 block from the Pew Conference Center. Special rate details will be provided with your TEI registration confirmation.