Defining Your Family’s Philanthropic Purpose

What motivations and values drive your generosity? What priorities propel your social action?

A clear philanthropic purpose defines why you want to make a difference and your priorities for where and who you most want to benefit. It improves family decision-making, community relationships, and impact.

On this webinar, you’ll learn how you and your family can define your philanthropic purpose—shared motivations, values, priorities, and giving styles. You’ll hear perspectives from philanthropic advisors and members of the Tracy Family Foundation. And you’ll explore new tools for guiding a family’s conversations about purpose.

The webinar is the first of five designed to bring to life concepts in the Navigating Family Philanthropy series of guides and family road maps. The materials help donors involve other family members in a life of shared purpose and a plan for meaningful, effective philanthropy. The materials also help advisors guide families through conversations around philanthropic purpose, philanthropic vehicles, social impact strategies, governance and family dynamics, and legacy and succession.

Featured Speakers

Fred Kaynor

Fred Kaynor

Fred is Managing Director, Marketing and Business Development of Schwab Charitable, and is responsible for engaging…

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Jean Buckley

Jean Buckley is the President of the Tracy Family Foundation. She has served in this position…

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Megan Costigan

Megan Costigan is a Third Generation (3G) member of the Tracy Family Foundation (TFF) and is…

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Headshot of Tony Macklin

Tony Macklin

Tony Macklin, a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, consults with donor families, grantmakers, and their advisors about…

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