Impact Strategies & Tools

Translating Your Philanthropic Objectives Into Action

How will you use your resources to achieve your purpose?

At its core, grantmaking brings your objectives to life to create good for others. Your philanthropic strategy is the roadmap to achieve your desired social impact.

Theories of Change

A theory of change describes a process of planned social change, from the assumptions that guide its design to the long-term goals it seeks to achieve. Grant makers who have created theories of change explain that having a theory helps them and their grantees draw logical connections between activities and outcomes. It helps them to articulate exactly what propositions and

PEAK Grantmaking

One of NCFP’s newest Content Partners, PEAK Grantmaking, is a vibrant member-led community of professionals who specialize in grants management for funding organizations. Together, they power knowledge and foster collaboration to advance equitable, effective, and efficient grantmaking practice – transforming how grants get made.  Below you’ll find a selection of their resources. For additional guides and resources, including more how-to

Expenditure Responsibility

When a private foundation makes a grant to an organization that is not classified by the IRS as tax-exempt, it is required by law to ensure that the funds are spent for charitable purposes and not for private or political activities. This NCFP Content Collection includes FAQs, rules and sample policies for the process of expenditure responsibility to ensure your

Woman planning family philanthropy

Policy Central: Sample Policies and Practices

NCFP's Policy Central includes sample policies and practices in the areas of governance, grantmaking, family dynamics, engaging the next generation, investments, management, and staffing. New samples are added frequently, and are here when you need them!

Capital Grants

A capital campaign is an intensive fundraising effort organized to meet a specific financial goal within a specified period of time. Included within the classification of a capital campaign are such projects as the construction of a facility, purchase of equipment and endowment support. A capital grant should do more than just build or renovate a building. An ideal capital